Council Minutes

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Minutes October 2014

October was a busy month at the Council meeting. It opened at 7:05 and the opening began with a reflection on the Story and the themes and insights gained so far. Time was then spent digging further into the Tune In team’s progress and plans. The Tune In team is only charged with helping the […]

September 2014

In September the Council met and discussed a number of items. The major items were about the Story, the SRSC committee (which is a new committee for handling staff and congregational connections), mission moments, and the start of a process called Tune In for discerning God’s calling for our congregation. The minutes are below in […]

Minutes August 2014

In August 2014, the Council did not have a normal meeting. The Council had a retreat Friday night to Saturday night, with the intention of taking a deeper look at the vision of the congregation and come out with some tangible tasks and goals for the year. Across several sessions, we dug into sharing the Gospel, how […]

Minutes July 2014

In July 2014, the new Council met and elected officers. The officers for this year are: President – Mark Magill Vice President – Aubrey Canon Secretary – Jeremy Wilken Worship – Paul McRae Service – Cheryl Radney Fellowship – Joanie Anderson Education – Adrianna Sanchez Shared Services – Tom Elliot Other – Open The council […]