Learn About Lakeside Lutheran Church

Group of people reading bible — Local Churches in League City, TX
Pastor Cheryl Lamaak
The Rev. Cheryl Lamaak was called by Lakeside in March 2017. She is a 2007 graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary. Cheryl has previously served in Kansas and most recently in Georgetown, TX. Prior to entering the ministry, Cheryl was a social worker with Lutheran Social Services in Illinois and Iowa. As Cheryl was discerning her calling by God, she moved from social work to Director of Youth and Family Ministries for two separate churches in Iowa and Wisconsin. Pastor Lamaak has a passion for preaching and teaching Word and Sacrament and connecting the church with the community.

Brenda Renander - Director of Music
Brenda plans the music for worship services and leads the adult choir. She has a Bachelor of Music from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. She is the Lead Choir Director at South Houston High School. She is an accomplished pianist and flutist. Brenda has four children and one grandchild.

Nena Murphy - Office Manager
Nena joined Lakeside Lutheran Church as office manager in July 2017. She has a warm, engaging personality and long-term experience in office management.

Lakeside Lutheran Church Purpose

Shining a beacon of God’s light and love to all in our community

Our Guiding Principles, We Believe:

Jesus is Lord and Savior for all

Jesus saved all of us regardless of race; gender; sexuality; past, present, future sins; socio-economic status; spoken language; education; and religious affiliations.

We walk with God

We believe that we strengthen our faith walk through prayer, worship, education, service, and fellowship. In walking with God, we are an example (role model) of God’s grace.
We practice purposeful prayer for help, guidance, and thanksgiving regarding personal life, the church, community, and the world.
We utilize a milestones ministry for all ages to continue on our faith journey.

In open Sacramental Worship
Communion is a foundation of our worship service and is open to all who believe. We receive Jesus’ body and blood through the sacrament of communion. We believe that God fills us with the Holy Spirit through baptism regardless of age or understanding. Baptism is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with God.

We are a community that welcomes and values all people

Jesus sought to see people from every walk of life, to hear their stories, and to claim them as children of God. We follow his example.

In building authentic relationships

We have a personal relationship with God and one another. We build authentic lasting relationships within our community and the world.

In giving generously of our time, talents, and treasure

We believe in being good stewards. As a part of faith formation, we equip people to give freely and joyously of time, talents, treasure and love. We take care of each other, our church, our planet and our resources.

Lakeside's 2017-2018 Council